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Making Sense of it All

Each day, advancements in technology shape our lives.  The use of smart phones with internet access, the proliferation of social media, and the amount of content available on the internet are several examples that have offered many benefits.  At the same time the adoption of these technologies and advancement can be overwhelming.  To this end, I’ve come to accept a systematic way to approach these advancements.  This approach has proven to help guide resource allocations and allows the freedom to evaluate technologies to ensure maximium benefits are captured.

This approached is based on six stages of engagement.  The stages include …

  • Watch … being aware or taking note of a technology
  • Study … making specific attempts to dive deeper into technology and determine it’s usefulness, acceptance, relation to our current technology stack, and quantifying the benefits offered
  • Engage … looking at how, when, where, and why a specific technology should be incorporated.  This is when the process expands to stack holders, financial analysis, and more resources are allocated
  • Commit … this is the decision making stage to determine whether or not to adopt a technology
  • Execute … this is when a decision is made to adopt a technology and includes a project plan
  • Operationalize … this is when the execution is complete and the technology joins the stack

Some technologies move quickly throught these stages, while others never get beyond the “watch” stage.  This approach doesn’t dictate speed, resource allocation, or scope.  However it does provide a framework for approaching technology as well as provide a structure to faciliate conversations.

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