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Disruption Restlessness

Over the last week I’ve seemed to encountered a flood of connection challenges that have left me restless.  Over the weekend, the family was planning a gathering with some friends from church and we decided to sing some Christmas carols.  Being the resident technophile, my responsibility was to gather and print our lyrics for this activity.  Laptop in hand, I proceeded to outperform the request with not only lyrics but sheet music print outs.  After successfully printing three selections, suddenly all web connections timed out, and I was left stunned as my wireless internet (WiMax) connection had completely dropped out.  Undaunted, I took a recess from the task with hopes that this disruption of service would be short lived and I could return to the responsibility and complete the request in true over-achievement form.  While I’m not entirely surprised, my service disruption extended well beyond the evening’s festivities.  So when it came time for singing carols, I armed myself with my trusty iPhone with 3G cellular service.  While the “turn around” between a song being named and I could have the lyrics in the palm of my hand was longer than I would like, we were able to navigate the technical difficulties and have a enjoyable time.

Later that same evening, after the aforementioned internet service became functional, I was browsing on my laptop when it suddenly and without warning froze.  Several reboots and choice words later, I was able to diagnosis that something was quite the matter.  After boot-up, the trusty laptop would freeze after about 10 minutes.  Thankfully this particular unit is a work laptop, but not necessarily my primary work laptop.  So I resigned myself to call it a technical day and would return to diagnosis the problem later.  Evening and morning came, and as it were Sunday I felt hamstrung without my trusty laptop detailing my lack of performance by the fantasy football teams I managed.  Further investigations of this device yielded little results other than the conclusion that our tech support folks would need to look into the situation.  It’s been several days since I’ve laid eyes on the coveted device that has been trustworthy for my years.  The diagnosis is software related and it’s pending return will be void of the files, images, pictures, and music that it once contained.

As it’s the week leading up to Christmas, the halls of my employer are quiet, except for those technologists that are attempting to update, upgrade, and perform various tasks that normally are acceptable during a normal business day.  But as with any change element, fallout is expected and today is no different.  Following a construction meeting early this morning, I walked into the office charged with a idea of consolidating a file share of CAD drawings.  My positive attitude and new found vigor quickly dropped when I realized I was unable to connect to the network share where these displaced files resided.  Once I again I resorted to calling the technical helpdesk to inquire about server issues and while cheerful, they weren’t aware of any perceived issues.  So I performed my own technical end around and contact a member of the Systems group.  They too were unaware of a server issue as they were knee deep in a firmware upgrade that had done south.  However a coupled muffled phrases later, the condition I’d observed was confirmed and footsteps were heard as energy was expensed to resolve the problem.

So as the hours before a much needed and deserved holiday and vacation wind down, I’m stuck with the impression that disruption of service is how my time will be observed over the course of the next couple of days.  While I am grateful that none of these reside under my technical responsibilities and as such require long hours troubleshooting processes and engaging vendor support represents who read from the same manuals as I do.  I am reminded that my own restless feelings are similar to those of the customers that I serve day in and day out, when such disruption is associated with an area I am responsible for.

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