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The Challenges of Mobile Connectivity

Next week, I am scheduled to moderate a panel discussion on the “Challenges of Mobile Connectivity” at the ACU Connected Summit 2011.  Much of this conference is focused on digital media, the future of the book, and how mobile devices can be effectively integrated into education.  At the same time, the conference organizers have recognized that many logistical and infrastructure hurdles need to be cleared in order for applications and devices to be used purposefully.  One of these hurdles is mobile connectivity.

My own personal goals for this panel discussion includes a desire to address key points such as …

  • The importance of Wireless Data networking (WiFi) when many mobile devices have cellular data connectivity
  • Mobile Connectivity isn’t necessarily the same as connectivity for laptops
  • Not all mobile devices are created equally from a wireless networking standpoint
  • Applications and device usage are important considerations when designing mobile connectivity
  • Balancing security and ease of access isn’t always easy
  • More doesn’t mean better … scaling isn’t an exact science

When I talk with other folks about wireless data networking, I’m often amused how little thought goes into what is attempted to be accomplished.  Number of users, applications to be used, or even spaces to be covered aren’t necessarily on everyone’s minds when discussing wireless data networking.  I concede that thanks to consumer adoption of wireless networking gear, it appears that throwing up a wireless data network is as simple as “plug and play”.  Unfortunately the battle cry, “I just want it to work” is about as explicit as when I tell my barber, “Just make me look good.”

If the opportunity avails itself, I welcome you to join me at this conference.  If not, I welcome your input and thoughts on what are some of the challenges with mobile connectivity.

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