Since 1997, I’ve been working in the Information Technology field for Abilene Christian University (ACU).  Beginning as a Telecommunications Analyst, I’ve also served as a Network Administrator, Director of Networking Services, and currently as Director of Enterprise Infrastructure.  ACU’s Enterprise Infrastructure department manages the server infrastructure, Storage Area Network (SAN), server virtualization, data networking, telecommunications, cable television, and network security.

In my tenure with the university, I’ve been involved with several significant projects that have advanced the university’s use of technology. The projects included …

  • Deployed wired Ethernet connections per pillow in residence halls
  • Replaced the university’s 3,500 Telephone System with a product that supported both VoIP and TDM phones
  • Upgraded the university’s network backbone from ATM to Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Implemented a network access control system for residence hall wired connections
  • Deployed a campus wide wireless data network (WiFi)
  • Expanded the campus wide wireless data network (WiFi) to support capacity use
  • Expanded the university cable television system to include high definition channels
  • Increase server virtualization to account for 60% of the servers running on the campus
  • reduction of the number of supported server Operating Systems
  • Doubling the amount of SAN storage available to servers
  • Replaced a server backup solution to moved away from tape storage to disk-based storage

Over the last couple of years, I have seen first hand how the technology advancements have been widely adopted by consumers, which translate into the expectation of students that come to the university.  The manner in which the general public is adopting technology is both encouraging and daunting.  The movements the university has made to both embrace technology and integrate technology into the classroom, I believe is a foreshadow of the challenges facing the business world.  When students graduate from college and enter the work force, these expectations that universities have been dealing with, will be transferred to the business world.

With this blog, I hope to offer insights and impressions on technology and how universities, business, and we consumers can successfully engage these to impact how we work, play, and live.

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