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Battery Life

November 19, 2014 Leave a comment

In the last couple of days, I’ve had the awkward experience of my iPhone only lasting about two hours on a full charge.  The degradation of the battery life wasn’t problematic until I attended a seminar.  During seminars, I typically tweet and check emails, etc.  However, with a smartphone that I could visibly see the battery life trickling down, I suddenly found myself reenacting the Samsung “Wall Hugger” commercial where I was searching for and huddled around those precious power outlets.

I suppose what has been most surprising with this battery life issue, is the realization how often I use my smartphone, or more precisely how frantic I feel when the device has no juice left to operate.  I now find myself ensuring I have a charger, cable, car adapter, and fully charged battery-charger stowed away in my backpack.  Curious how complicated life has become, just because my smartphone battery drains quickly.  At some point, this device that has been such a useful tool, has suddenly become resource intensive.

The experience begs the question, what else am I doing, which once fell into the useful bucket, but has since transitioned into the “too much trouble” bucket?